Better knowledge for better decisions

No more multiple systems. No duplications. No redundancies. No isolated or unreliable information. And no extra money spent.

Solving this problem requires going beyond traditional methods of information management. It’s not about simply managing information, it’s about managing the meaning of information. How can we be useful to people? By capturing what information is about.

Get a Grip on Knowledge and Semantics

There is a need to manage the need of information. See for instance the interest in Big Data, LinkedData, metadata, taxonomies and ontologies. However, none of these provide a complete solution.

That’s why Morpheus provides Kamala: we add semantics to the data to transfer data into knowledge.

The collaborative model-management solution of Kamala provides flexibility on the growing piles of data. It gives control without impact on existing systems, it improves the productivity of the information specialist and in the end every person that is working with the information.